Restaurant Review – Vieux Coq, Pezenas, south of France

Restaurant Review – Vieux Coq, Pezenas, south of France

PEZENAS – Vieux Coq – off the place Gambetta at 1 rue Albert Paul Allies

Restaurant Review Le Vieux Coq Pezenas, South of France

Restaurant Review Le Vieux Coq Pezenas, South of France

Now re-opened and we have at last visited.

It is more expensive but it is very good.  The steaks hereabouts are not always the best but here they definitely are.

Nice wide range on the menu, cooking superb and a first rate welcome too.

A good wine list but in fact the pichet wine is good quality too.

Certainly worth a try – we ate well and have no hesitation in recommending it

WoW used to say “It feels like fine home cooking but with style and simplicity” – well it still is.

This has little relevance – but we like this note on the board of a diner we once saw in Arizona –

Apple Pie like your mother used to make – $1.20

Apple Pie as your mother thought she made  – $2.50

Well it is like the second one and well worth a try and a fine welcome in the heart of the old town.

What more can one ask ?

WoW recommended

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Fabulous food to eat in the south of France

Fabulous Food in Provence

Bouillabaisse, south of France food

Bouillabaisse, south of France food

Bouillabaisse, which originates from Marseille, is a meal in its own right which can contain different types of fish like loup de mer (sea bass), rouget (red mullet), etc. and shell fish. It is cooked in a stock and served with a spicy red pepper, quite fiery, and garlic mayonnaise called rouille which you spread on croutons and sprinkle with cheese. Salads and fresh sun-ripe tomatoes are typical of the region.For the meat eaters, lamb, beef and rabbit are plentiful but used sparingly in stews and casseroles and can be served with provençale sauces or braised in vegetables and red wine.  The fish and shell fish are world renowned and include moules (mussels), gambas (giant prawns), palourdes (clams), and crab and lobster.

Local cheeses in this area are usually made from goats’ milk (chevres) or ewes’ (brebis) which can be obtained from Provencal markets. These markets are also famed for their large variety of fresh fruits and Herbes de Provence.

Camargue red rice is a variety of rice cultivated in the wetlands. It is a short-grained and unmilled variety of rice and has a nutty taste. It is quite interesting to see the rice growing in the wetlands and, of course, buy some to try at home.

Restaurant cafe, south of France

Restaurant cafe, south of France

As in all of France, there are many restaurants in the Provence area.  Below we have listed just a few, in different areas of the region. Nothing actually surpasses walking in the towns and finding suitable restaurants and most are exceptionally welcoming and the food extremely good. Whether dining in a 6 star restaurant or a 1 or 2 star, on the whole you will have a very enjoyable experience. Of course there are other cuisines to experience in the region and one you may like to try is North African cuisine.

Other specialities of the region are anchoiade—an anchovy tart and pissaladière—an onion tart with black olives. These can either be served as a starter or eaten as a snack, necessary after all the activities you have embraced.

Restaurants in Avignon Christian Etienne, Restaurant Moutardier

Restaurant in Saint Remy de Provence le Bistrot des Alpilles

Restaurants in Marseille La bouillabaisse, l’Epuisette

Fabulous Food in Cote d’Azur

There are many eating places on the French Riviera.  Restaurants display their menus outside so you can see in advance the prices. The prix fixe or set price menus are generally the best value. The main types of food are either Provençal or Niçois and the whole region is dominated by the delicious mix of olive oil, onion and fresh tomatoes, black olives, anchovies and garlic. Most dishes, vegetable or meat, includes these ingredients.

Salad Nicoise, food south of France

Salad Nicoise, food south of France

Although in Nice they use these ingredients, they have a different flavour and bear the name in the menu niçoise as demonstrated by salade niçoise.  This is mainly served as a starter and it is generally agreed that it must contain at the very least quartered hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, black olives, anchovy, tuna and lettuce and garlic in the dressing.

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Wine-tasting in Languedoc, south of France

VINAUBERGE has an area of 400 m2 for the presentation and tasting of wines from the Languedoc Roussillon area.  Situated between Beziers and Narbonne at Poilhes la Romaine, VINAUBERGE is the meeting place for traders, importers, wine producers, journalists, and wine lovers.

VINAUBERGE is open all day for food which is quite a find in this region!

VINAUBERGE - wine-tasting south of France

VINAUBERGE - wine-tasting south of France

If you speak French or German, visit their site at  If you need a translation, send us an email and we will happily provide this service for you.

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Restaurant Review for Chateau Les Carrases – Capestang, France

Chateau Les Carrases Restaurant Capestang, France

Chateau Les Carrases Restaurant Capestang, France

A nation less obsessed with stamping out words like “weekend” “chatter” and “email” might be able to look beyond its navel and applaud the work of Karl O’Hanlon who has single handed restored this tragic run down chateau into a top flight tourist destination.

Even the UK would pause over an OBE – but France would never consider a mere foreigner for a “Legion d’Honneur” – too busy trying to throw out the dreaded English words.

Which is why we should celebrate Karl and his achievement.  This chateau was a disregarded gem in l’Herault – mouldering and falling down.  Karl though, had the vision to see something special and different and he has created one of the great international destinations in this otherwise somewhat basic departement when it comes to panache.

Having created this superb conversion into flats and residences Karl realised there was need for a focus and of course – a restaurant.  Also a great resource for visitors who have driven for miles (most of the other guests were from the UK) who more than anything else in the world wanted a good meal before turning in.

Chateau Les Carrases – in the countryside outside Capestang cried out to be a destination for fine eating.

We can report – that is exactly what the Chateau now offers.

You arrive in front of the “grand chateau” and step into a world of chic and civilised living.


An old storage barn transformed – chic but not “in your face”, into a fine and delightful place.

It is family friendly with a good menu, ( chips and hamburgers for the table next to us) and an extensive but carefully selected wine list.

Though we had children next to us the spaciousness of the restaurant is such that you have the space to be un-crowded and on your own.

The bi-lingual staff are helpful and serve and advise with charm.(WoW liked very much the response to “we would like some water”?  No upselling of the more expensive bottled water nonsense – but “would that be tap water Sir”?)

Bravo and even more bravo!

Did we say chic – well yes it is but not in a way which intimidates.

The food was fresh, the cooking superb and the presentation just fine.

The dining room is spacious and comfortable – though the music was a little weird (why do we need a really awful soundtrack wherever we go nowadays?).

Ah well a small price to enjoy the ambience of this superb space.

The service is top flight and unobtrusive and if you ask, there is a niche in the round tower for a party of 6 if you want your own show.

Attentive service is that bit extra you like when you take a premium meal and so when the head waiter carefully explained the wine he thought best to go with the beef was not quite what he would recommend – and brought a more suitable bottle.

He made a better choice than WoW and we thank him for his professionalism.

It is a lovely place to visit on an Autumn evening but we suspect it would be even more special for a summer lunch after a swim in the pool and a walk around the gardens.

04 67 00 00 67,,

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Restaurant Review in Beziers

If you would like to eat by the canal du Midi then you should try the Raffinerie.

The Raffinerie was a factory which milled and processed copper sulphate as an insecticide for the vines.

It sits right on the canal – the “other side” of the railway tracks – and is a splendid place to eat.

The clever renovation did not seek to “clean the place up” but the new and chic restaurant has been fashioned around the machinery of the old factory.- almost an art work in itself.

Restaurant in Beziers, France

Restaurant in Beziers, France

The welcome is warm and the food just top notch.

Presentation is at the top of the scale and the food we ate, snails, deer, cod and carpaccio of Monkfish was just excellent.

Courteous and helpful service – this is a delightful place to eat when you are in Beziers.

You should expect to pay around 65€ for two including wine for 2 courses – though the complete menu will cost more.

Oh – and the loos are nice too!

The four partners have also recently taken over the stylish Chateau du Port in Marseillan Port

Visit the website

A definite WoW recommendation – review taken from

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Restaurant review from one of the owners at South France Holiday Villas:

There’s a super bar in Quarante, “Bar le 40”, which is very popular with locals and tourists alike, especially across lunchtime, Starter, main, dessert, and wine for €11 the last time we were there! Cheap and cheerful, but also a good range of grilled meat and fish dishes.

The bar is situated on what we call “Scratchy Car Corner”, where we have spent the odd afternoon with a few glasses of rose trying to see who can count the most cars without scratches. Harder than you might think!

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Restaurant Review for gorgeous Bontemps in the south of France

If you’re looking for a great little restaurant with amazing food to accompany your south France holiday villa, you couldn’t do much better than this restaurant in Magalas, Languedoc Roussillon. We have visited it a few times and have never been disappointed. Book a holiday in the south of France for the summer of 2012 and visit this lovely restaurant!

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