Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

It’s that time of year again!  The season is nearly over (didn’t it go quickly?!) and we are getting enquiries for 2013 already!

If you own a property in the south of France and list it on our website, please let us have your prices for 2013 ASAP so other owners don’t pip you to the post.  Also let us know if you are offering an early booking discount.

If you’re looking to book a property in the south of France, make sure you reserve the best properties now at the best prices before they all get snapped up.

For enquiries, please visit

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France


Olympics over, Paralympics starting, book holiday for 2013!

Well the Olympics might be over but preparations for the Paralympics are ongoing!

We’re having an unusual amount of enquiries for 2013 already, possibly owing to many holiday makers staying in the UK this summer.  If you’re an owner, let us know your prices for next year ASAP!  If you’re looking to book a holiday, do it soon before all the good deals are taken up!

Well done Team GB!!!

Holidaying with babies and small children

Holiday Villa South of France with Baby or Small Child

If you’re travelling to the south of France for a holiday with a baby or small child, you would do well to book with us at South France Holiday Villas.  Most of our properties supply cots and highchairs, but if they don’t or you have need of more, we can supply any additional cots, highchairs, stair gates, baby baths, bed guards, etc. for a small rental fee.

We are also on hand to offer support, advice and offer translation services as we have an office based in Beziers, Languedoc.

It can be difficult to go on holiday with a baby or small child, but we all need a period of relaxation from time to time, so if you’re looking to book a holiday this summer, contact us at and be ensured that your baby or small child will be well provided for.

Renting holiday homes with South France Holiday Villas

We visit all our properties and never rent out a property without one of our team having inspected it first.  This way, we ensure that what goes on our listing is a true reflection of the property.  It is our policy to try to visit all our properties regularly to ensure the facilities are still up to our standard.

Some properties on our website are “luxury” properties, and as such will have facilities such as air-conditioning, newer facilities, internet, UK satellite television, luxury furniture, etc.  Other properties on our website are “budget” properties and their prices will reflect their facilities.  Despite these differences, we still like to visit each property so there are no hidden surprises.


Visit us at to book your holiday for 2012!

Booking Tips for South France Holiday Villas

When booking a holiday villa through South France Holiday Villas, there are a number of pieces of information that you can give us in order help us find the best property for you:

1. Tell us how many adults and how many children there will be in your party.

2. Tell us the dates you require and whether or not they are flexible.

3. Tell us whether or not you require a pool at the property.

4. Tell us how close you would like to be to certain things such as the beach, shops, restaurants, etc.

5. Tell us whether you require facilities such as internet, UK satellite television, air-con.

6. Tell us whether you would prefer a modern property or an authentic, rustic property.

If you include as much information as possible in your first enquiry, it is likely that we will be able to find you your perfect property.

Booking Tips South France Holiday Villas

Happy villa-hunting!

New Laws on Bringing Pets into the UK started January 1st 2012:

I went to see the vet last week and was informed that the restrictions on bringing pets into the UK have been lightened.

All you now need to do is ensure your pets are micro-chipped and have had the rabies vaccination, and you are pretty much good to go. You have to wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination before you can take your pet abroad but it is no longer necessary to have a blood test and wait until 6 months after the test to take your pet abroad and be allowed to bring it back in.

There are a couple of other requirements such as tick treatments and seeing a vet within 210 (approx) hours of bringing your pet back in to the UK, but suffice it to say, the restrictions have been greatly relaxed.

For all of you animal lovers out there who like to take your pets on holiday with you to France, give us a call or look at our website to book a pet-friendly villa!

If you would like full details of these changes, please check as I have just passed on what I heard from my vet.

Going on holiday could be beneficial to your health!

Studies have shown that the sun is only sufficiently strong with UVB rays during the summer months, in the UK, for our bodies to make Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is said to be crucial to maintaining a healthy body but it is scarcely found naturally in foods.  The main source of vitamin D is from the sun as our bodies can’t make it naturally without the UVB rays in the sun.  Vitamin D supplements are a good alternative to those of us living in the UK outside of the summer months but they don’t beat the body’s exposure to the sun.

That being said, sunscreen and a sensible amount of exposure to the sun is also essential.

The UVB rays are said to last longer in the south of France so booking a holiday in May or September could be a good time to get some extra Vitamin D that isn’t possible in the UK.

If you’re looking for a sun-filled holiday with extra Vitamin D and outside of the peak travel times with lower rates, you could book a holiday to the south of France in May or September.

Check out to see a full list of our villas offered!


Get some Vitamin D!