Restaurant Review in Beziers

If you would like to eat by the canal du Midi then you should try the Raffinerie.

The Raffinerie was a factory which milled and processed copper sulphate as an insecticide for the vines.

It sits right on the canal – the “other side” of the railway tracks – and is a splendid place to eat.

The clever renovation did not seek to “clean the place up” but the new and chic restaurant has been fashioned around the machinery of the old factory.- almost an art work in itself.

Restaurant in Beziers, France

Restaurant in Beziers, France

The welcome is warm and the food just top notch.

Presentation is at the top of the scale and the food we ate, snails, deer, cod and carpaccio of Monkfish was just excellent.

Courteous and helpful service – this is a delightful place to eat when you are in Beziers.

You should expect to pay around 65€ for two including wine for 2 courses – though the complete menu will cost more.

Oh – and the loos are nice too!

The four partners have also recently taken over the stylish Chateau du Port in Marseillan Port

Visit the website

A definite WoW recommendation – review taken from

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