Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

It’s that time of year again!  The season is nearly over (didn’t it go quickly?!) and we are getting enquiries for 2013 already!

If you own a property in the south of France and list it on our website, please let us have your prices for 2013 ASAP so other owners don’t pip you to the post.  Also let us know if you are offering an early booking discount.

If you’re looking to book a property in the south of France, make sure you reserve the best properties now at the best prices before they all get snapped up.

For enquiries, please visit

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France


Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter)

Well, only two and a half days to go until Easter.  I expect the Easter Bunny is very busy so I hope they’re wrong about the snow and that the sun holds out for him!

We’ve still got some availability for Easter weekend at some of our luxury spa resorts (I’m working on a new site for them currently but if you’d like to see the work in progress  It’s STILL a massive 25% discount so if you’re feeling like a lastminute getaway, contact us at


Easter in France

Easter in France

I found out some interesting traditions and facts surrounding Easter in France so I thought I’d share:

  • On the evening of the Thursday before Good Friday, called Le Jeudi Saint, no church bells will be heard in France.  It is a tradition that they all remain silent.
  • La Chasse aux Oeufs – Easter egg hunt – occurs on Easter Sunday because on Saturday evening the “Easter Bunny” (Le Lapin de Paques) has scattered Easter eggs all around for all the children to find!  It is also tradition that children build nests on the Saturday so the Easter Bunny can put eggs into them and sometimes the Easter Bunny is even left some carrots to nibble on!
  • If a boy is born around the Easter period, he may be named Pascal which means “belonging to Easter”
  • In French, “Lent” is “Le Carême”
  • The week before Easter Sunday is called La Semaine Sainte which basically means Holy Week.
  • Palm Sunday is called Le Dimanche Des Rameaux (rameaux means branches) because when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, he was greeted by palm branches being laid in his path.  Today the French carry decorated branches to church in celebration.

Holiday Destinations for 2012

Are you trying to decide where to holiday this year?  Can’t decide between a beach holiday, an activity holiday or a cultural holiday?  Well why not try out the south of France?!

Canoeing / Kayaking Provence, south of France

Canoeing / Kayaking Provence, south of France

I have been researching the areas of Languedoc, Provence and Cote d’Azur recently for our new website pages (see below) and it is amazing how many activities and different types of holiday in which you may partake if you’re in the south of France.

Rich in architecture, culture and history, the south of France can interest anyone from keen historians to excitable children.  A multitude of sporting activities from kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving to horse-riding, tennis, and motor sports can be pursued.  Relaxation on the beach, wine-tasting, partying in the eclectic towns are just a few other activities which make the south of France an ideal holiday destination.  Moreover, it’s only and hour and a half on the plane instead of eight!

For more information on activities in the south of France, check out our new website pages:

To book accommodation for this year, visit

South France Holiday Villas Launching Garrigae Resorts

A Garrigae Resort

South France Holiday Villas is proud to announce that we have just started to advertise Garrigae properties. You might ask what this means; Garrigae is a French company that builds beautiful resorts and then rents the apartments / villas out to lucky customers.

Most of the Garriage resorts have an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. There is usually a spa where you can have a massage and relax. Most resorts have a restaurant and wine bar onsite and various other communal areas. All the suites are luxury and have WiFi.

To view the various resorts, please click on the link below:

To view Les Jardins de Saint Benoit, enter references numbers LJSB101 – 106
To view Le Distillerie de Pezenas, enter references LDP101 – 103
To view Le Couvent d’Herepian, enter references LCH101 – 105
To view Port Rive Gauche, enter references PRG101 – 103

If you’re looking to rent a holiday villa in the beautiful south of France this year, look no further. Click on the link above and send us a request with your resort preference and dates.

Renting holiday homes with South France Holiday Villas

We visit all our properties and never rent out a property without one of our team having inspected it first.  This way, we ensure that what goes on our listing is a true reflection of the property.  It is our policy to try to visit all our properties regularly to ensure the facilities are still up to our standard.

Some properties on our website are “luxury” properties, and as such will have facilities such as air-conditioning, newer facilities, internet, UK satellite television, luxury furniture, etc.  Other properties on our website are “budget” properties and their prices will reflect their facilities.  Despite these differences, we still like to visit each property so there are no hidden surprises.


Visit us at to book your holiday for 2012!

Holiday villa rentals in the Languedoc and Provence, the south of France

Hand-picked French Holiday Villas

We have a wide selection of hand-picked holiday villas in the South of France for rent at affordable prices in the sun-drenched Languedoc and Provence area of South of France, all within easy reach of beautiful Mediterranean beaches.
We offer holiday homes and rentals within the area from the Spanish border to the Cote D’Azur along some of the best beaches and inland to the medieval city of Carcassonne and beautiful vineyards.
All our holiday villas are within about an hour’s drive from the budget airline airports in Languedoc (Béziers, Montpellier, Carcassonne and Perpignan) and Provence (Marseille, Toulon, Nice, Avignon)
We have something for everyone, whether you are looking for a smart holiday villa with private swimming pool, holiday apartments on the beach, a villa on a golf course, a chalet on a beach-side camp-site, a large Languedoc château or a traditional south of France village gite for rent – giving you the ultimate “real France” experience. In fact, something to suit all tastes and holiday budgets!
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Relax on the beach this summer!

Skiing villas in the south of France

Happy New Year to all!

The gale-force winds here in the south of England are making me (Sally) wish I was in the south of France so much that I’ve booked myself a holiday there in February.  Hopefully the weather will be a lot milder than here and I can also nip over to the Pyrenees for a day of skiing!

If you’re looking to book a holiday villa somewhere in the Languedoc that is not too far from the slopes, you could look at the selection of villas on our website  In the search facility choose CLOSE TO Narbonne, Carcassonne, or even Beziers and you will find a variety of villas that are not too far from the ski resorts like Les Angles.