France to join the UK and US in releasing emergency fuel stocks?

France is considering joining the UK and US initiatives to release emergency fuel stocks in an attempt to counteract rising fuel costs.

Fuel Costs Soaring in the UK and France

Fuel Costs Soaring in the UK and France

With the “panic-buying” of fuel in the UK, this could be an excellent strategy to keep fuel costs down.  Currently, families who would like to drive to the south of France for their summer holidays might be put off by the fuel prices, but this initiative could change all that!

Watch this space for more information and in the meantime, check out to book your accommodation in the south of France.


Wine-tasting in Languedoc, south of France

VINAUBERGE has an area of 400 m2 for the presentation and tasting of wines from the Languedoc Roussillon area.  Situated between Beziers and Narbonne at Poilhes la Romaine, VINAUBERGE is the meeting place for traders, importers, wine producers, journalists, and wine lovers.

VINAUBERGE is open all day for food which is quite a find in this region!

VINAUBERGE - wine-tasting south of France

VINAUBERGE - wine-tasting south of France

If you speak French or German, visit their site at  If you need a translation, send us an email and we will happily provide this service for you.

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Restaurant Review for Chateau Les Carrases – Capestang, France

Chateau Les Carrases Restaurant Capestang, France

Chateau Les Carrases Restaurant Capestang, France

A nation less obsessed with stamping out words like “weekend” “chatter” and “email” might be able to look beyond its navel and applaud the work of Karl O’Hanlon who has single handed restored this tragic run down chateau into a top flight tourist destination.

Even the UK would pause over an OBE – but France would never consider a mere foreigner for a “Legion d’Honneur” – too busy trying to throw out the dreaded English words.

Which is why we should celebrate Karl and his achievement.  This chateau was a disregarded gem in l’Herault – mouldering and falling down.  Karl though, had the vision to see something special and different and he has created one of the great international destinations in this otherwise somewhat basic departement when it comes to panache.

Having created this superb conversion into flats and residences Karl realised there was need for a focus and of course – a restaurant.  Also a great resource for visitors who have driven for miles (most of the other guests were from the UK) who more than anything else in the world wanted a good meal before turning in.

Chateau Les Carrases – in the countryside outside Capestang cried out to be a destination for fine eating.

We can report – that is exactly what the Chateau now offers.

You arrive in front of the “grand chateau” and step into a world of chic and civilised living.


An old storage barn transformed – chic but not “in your face”, into a fine and delightful place.

It is family friendly with a good menu, ( chips and hamburgers for the table next to us) and an extensive but carefully selected wine list.

Though we had children next to us the spaciousness of the restaurant is such that you have the space to be un-crowded and on your own.

The bi-lingual staff are helpful and serve and advise with charm.(WoW liked very much the response to “we would like some water”?  No upselling of the more expensive bottled water nonsense – but “would that be tap water Sir”?)

Bravo and even more bravo!

Did we say chic – well yes it is but not in a way which intimidates.

The food was fresh, the cooking superb and the presentation just fine.

The dining room is spacious and comfortable – though the music was a little weird (why do we need a really awful soundtrack wherever we go nowadays?).

Ah well a small price to enjoy the ambience of this superb space.

The service is top flight and unobtrusive and if you ask, there is a niche in the round tower for a party of 6 if you want your own show.

Attentive service is that bit extra you like when you take a premium meal and so when the head waiter carefully explained the wine he thought best to go with the beef was not quite what he would recommend – and brought a more suitable bottle.

He made a better choice than WoW and we thank him for his professionalism.

It is a lovely place to visit on an Autumn evening but we suspect it would be even more special for a summer lunch after a swim in the pool and a walk around the gardens.

04 67 00 00 67,,

Review taken from

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Holiday Destinations for 2012

Are you trying to decide where to holiday this year?  Can’t decide between a beach holiday, an activity holiday or a cultural holiday?  Well why not try out the south of France?!

Canoeing / Kayaking Provence, south of France

Canoeing / Kayaking Provence, south of France

I have been researching the areas of Languedoc, Provence and Cote d’Azur recently for our new website pages (see below) and it is amazing how many activities and different types of holiday in which you may partake if you’re in the south of France.

Rich in architecture, culture and history, the south of France can interest anyone from keen historians to excitable children.  A multitude of sporting activities from kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving to horse-riding, tennis, and motor sports can be pursued.  Relaxation on the beach, wine-tasting, partying in the eclectic towns are just a few other activities which make the south of France an ideal holiday destination.  Moreover, it’s only and hour and a half on the plane instead of eight!

For more information on activities in the south of France, check out our new website pages:

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Restaurant Review in Beziers

If you would like to eat by the canal du Midi then you should try the Raffinerie.

The Raffinerie was a factory which milled and processed copper sulphate as an insecticide for the vines.

It sits right on the canal – the “other side” of the railway tracks – and is a splendid place to eat.

The clever renovation did not seek to “clean the place up” but the new and chic restaurant has been fashioned around the machinery of the old factory.- almost an art work in itself.

Restaurant in Beziers, France

Restaurant in Beziers, France

The welcome is warm and the food just top notch.

Presentation is at the top of the scale and the food we ate, snails, deer, cod and carpaccio of Monkfish was just excellent.

Courteous and helpful service – this is a delightful place to eat when you are in Beziers.

You should expect to pay around 65€ for two including wine for 2 courses – though the complete menu will cost more.

Oh – and the loos are nice too!

The four partners have also recently taken over the stylish Chateau du Port in Marseillan Port

Visit the website

A definite WoW recommendation – review taken from

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Vineyard tours in Languedoc-Roussillon

Vineyard Tours South of France

Vineyard Tours South of France

If you’re looking for something to do during your stay in the Languedoc this year, take a look at the following website which offers fantastic vineyard tours, wine-tasting, and collection & drop off in an air-conditioned vehicle with a wine expert, Wendy:

Wendy currently has the following availability:


Wednesday April 4th – Minervois & Minerve – 4 places available – €90 per person

Wednesday April 11th – Corbières Lagrasse – 4 places available – €90 per person

Saturday April 21st – Minervois & Minerve – 4 places available – €90 per person


Saturday May 12th – Corbières Lagrasse – 4 places available – €90 per person

Sunday May 13th – St Chinian & Minervois – 2 places available – €95 per person

Sunday May 20th – St Chinian & Minervois – 2 places available – €95 per person

Tuesday May 22nd – Corbières Lagrasse – 4 places available – €90 per person

Friday May 25th – Cathar Castles & Wine Tasting – 4 places available – €100 per person Thursday May 31st – Limoux & Domaine Gayda – 4 places available – €95 per person

For an overview of the tours please take  a look at the One Day tours page on her web site. You may also like to see the reviews Wendy has received on Tripadvisor so here’s the link:

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Easter getaway discount south of France

South France Holiday Villa

South France Holiday Villa

Easter is fast approaching (8th April is Easter Sunday so only 3 more weeks to go!) and there is still time to benefit from out 25% discount on all our luxury spa resorts.

Relax over the Easter holidays at Les Jardins de Saint Benoit with their luxury spa and a multitude of activities for the whole family:

Try a romantic getaway for two at Le Couvent d’Herepian:

The 25% discount deadline is almost upon us so make use of it while you still can.

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