Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

It’s that time of year again!  The season is nearly over (didn’t it go quickly?!) and we are getting enquiries for 2013 already!

If you own a property in the south of France and list it on our website, please let us have your prices for 2013 ASAP so other owners don’t pip you to the post.  Also let us know if you are offering an early booking discount.

If you’re looking to book a property in the south of France, make sure you reserve the best properties now at the best prices before they all get snapped up.

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Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France

Getting ready for the new villa renting season in the south of France


Olympics over, Paralympics starting, book holiday for 2013!

Well the Olympics might be over but preparations for the Paralympics are ongoing!

We’re having an unusual amount of enquiries for 2013 already, possibly owing to many holiday makers staying in the UK this summer.  If you’re an owner, let us know your prices for next year ASAP!  If you’re looking to book a holiday, do it soon before all the good deals are taken up!

Well done Team GB!!!

Maximising your bookings part II

If you’re renting out a property in the south of France and you would like to maximise your bookings, look at yesterday’s posting and also today’s.


The importance of good towels and bed linen: This might sound silly, but imagine you are in a holiday villa and you have stained, scratchy towels and mismatched, old bed linen.  Whether the rest of the house is luxurious or basic, these small things would really sway your opinion of it.  New towels and bed linen don’t have to be expensive but they can really brighten up a stay in a holiday villa.


Welcome Packs: After a long journey to your holiday villa, you may be very weary.  On arrival at the villa, you find some milk, some fresh French bread, some juice, some fresh fruit, a bottle of wine and some other basics.  This might be just the thing you need to perk you up before you feel like going out and doing battle at the local supermarket.  Welcome Packs don’t need to be large – just thoughtful.


Thoughtful Touches: If you’re staying at a holiday villa for a week, you don’t really want to spend money on a mosquito candle, lots of dishwashing detergent, bin bags, etc.  These things are not very expensive to provide for a season, but they can really make that little bit of difference to clients.


House Manuals:  Leaving a good house manual is essential.  Little details of how to use certain facilities in the house or how to jiggle a strange key can be invaluable.  Similarly, good local restaurants and directions to local tourist attractions are an excellent touch because if you have already discovered some culinary delights in the area, it seems a shame that others might not!


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Tips to Maximise your Bookings

These days many people don’t like to be without the internet even when they’re on holiday. Some people need to check their work emails, some people like to be able to look up local attractions or use online map facilities, and some people simply like to be able to upload their photos during their trip so their friends and family can see them. Providing internet at your property is becoming more and more popular. Some owners simply provide broadband wireless access at their villa or apartment so that people may bring their own laptops and connect that way. Some owners provide a computer with internet that may be used for their clients during their rental period. Whichever way you would like to do it, having the internet at your property is a big draw.

Another big draw for customers is having some UK television channels to watch. All sorts of people like to be able to relax in front of a television whilst on holiday; ports enthusiasts, children, elderly, those who have been out and about all day long and need to just switch off for a while. Many of our enquirers are looking for a property that can provide this and those properties get sold out first.

In conjunction with UK television channels, a clean and comfortable sitting area is another must-have if you want to maximise your bookings. There’s nothing better than relaxing into a comfortable sofa after a long day of sight-seeing and swimming in the sea. Photos of such a sitting room looking clean and inviting could definitely lead to more bookings.

If your property does not have air-conditioning, having a fan in each bedroom and in the living areas is a must! Most people aren’t used to the heat in the south of France and it is essential to provide fans to get the air moving, especially at night time. Properties without air-conditioning or fans often have a difficult time getting slots booked.

Another facility that is often requested is a good barbecue in the garden. Whilst on holiday, many folk enjoy cooking outdoors and eating on a terrace. This is especially good if there is no air-conditioning in the house. The outlay of a barbecue is much smaller than the potential in bookings you could take!

Like a good barbecue, good kitchen facilities really help people choose your property. If you have a neatly set out kitchen with features such as a toaster, kettle, full set of utensils, etc., people will be more likely to book your property. Tasks are supposed to be easy when you’re on holiday and no one wants to get a villa with a kitchen that doesn’t have basic items such as can openers or chopping boards.

Finally, a popular pastime that is often requested is table tennis. This isn’t such a must-have as the other features described on this list but it is definitely a draw. If you can, purchase a table tennis table and advertise it on your listings. Add some photos of people enjoying themselves around the table. Many people like to have activities such as this at their holiday home.

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Renting tips for owners: The Importance of Good Photos

It’s definitely a proven fact that properties with very good quality photos sell much better than those without.  The right lighting, a good quality camera, a clean and tidy property, and a good eye can really advertise your property well.  Bad lighting, a cloudy day, a poor quality camera and an untidy property can do just the opposite.  If your property

For an example of a property with gorgeous photos, please click here:

If you would like to book a professional photo shoot to maximise your property’s potential, contact us at


Make sure that your property is clean and ready for the first arrivals, this should include cleaning inside cupboards and all windows. . If you are not able to prepare your property for the first let of the season, we are happy to carry out a spring clean/regular clean on request.

Check your inventory and replace any damaged items, record the condition of the property i.e. any marks on walls, furniture etc. A copy of the inventory left in your house manual is a good idea. Make sure all linen, mattress protectors, throws, rugs, sofa cushion covers, curtains, etc.are clean and in good order.

Remove or lock away all your personal items at the start of the season. We cannot be held responsible for the safety of personal possessions which have been left out.

Make sure you have enough linen of the correct sizes for all the beds, including any sofabeds. This means you need two sets of linen and towels for each guest so you are prepared if you have a back to back booking. If beds are different sizes, make sure it is clear which linen is for which bed as this will slow the cleaners down during the changeover if they have to search for the right sized linen for the beds..

Make sure ALL your laundry items are clearly marked with your name or house name. This can be done easily with waterproof laundry markers or iron-on labels although they sometimes come unstuck when washed on hot temperatures. If you are an existing client, please check to make sure the names are still visible and that any new items that have been added since the laundry was first marked or which are added to your stock during the season, are marked too. Let us know if you need us to mark your laundry for you. Don’t forget the tea towels, bathmats, face cloths etc. We cannot accept responsibility for unmarked linen or towels which do not get returned from our laundry.

When choosing linen for your rental property, please be aware that it is washed and ironed at a professional laundry using large machines at high temperatures. Cotton stands up best to this sort of treatment! Poly cotton mixtures will ‘pill’ eventually; bright colours will be susceptible to fading and plastic poppers or buttons on duvet covers might not withstand the high temperatures.

If you are happy for us to change mattress or pillow protectors or throws as we think necessary, please make sure you also have spares for these and that they too are all marked.

All your spare linen must be kept in a lockable box or cupboard. If it is accessible to guests, they will probably find and use it, leaving us short of linen for the next changeover. If there is not sufficient linen for us to use for a changeover we will supply our own and you will be charged for linen hire.

Please provide us with an inventory of all your linen and towels.

Check cleaning supplies are adequate including any dishwasher/washing machine tablets etc you want to leave, plus a spare set of light bulbs (marked) as well as batteries for any smoke alarms etc.

Leave a stock of any items you wish us to leave out as a Welcome Gift for your guests, i.e. wine, milk, water, tea, coffee etc.

Don’t forget the garden – it may well need a tidy up after the winter to make it look attractive and garden furniture / BBQ / needs to be taken out of storage, cleaned and put into position. We can do this for you if you wish so please ask for a quote.

New Laws on Bringing Pets into the UK started January 1st 2012:

I went to see the vet last week and was informed that the restrictions on bringing pets into the UK have been lightened.

All you now need to do is ensure your pets are micro-chipped and have had the rabies vaccination, and you are pretty much good to go. You have to wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination before you can take your pet abroad but it is no longer necessary to have a blood test and wait until 6 months after the test to take your pet abroad and be allowed to bring it back in.

There are a couple of other requirements such as tick treatments and seeing a vet within 210 (approx) hours of bringing your pet back in to the UK, but suffice it to say, the restrictions have been greatly relaxed.

For all of you animal lovers out there who like to take your pets on holiday with you to France, give us a call or look at our website to book a pet-friendly villa!

If you would like full details of these changes, please check as I have just passed on what I heard from my vet.