Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter)

Well, only two and a half days to go until Easter.  I expect the Easter Bunny is very busy so I hope they’re wrong about the snow and that the sun holds out for him!

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Easter in France

Easter in France

I found out some interesting traditions and facts surrounding Easter in France so I thought I’d share:

  • On the evening of the Thursday before Good Friday, called Le Jeudi Saint, no church bells will be heard in France.  It is a tradition that they all remain silent.
  • La Chasse aux Oeufs – Easter egg hunt – occurs on Easter Sunday because on Saturday evening the “Easter Bunny” (Le Lapin de Paques) has scattered Easter eggs all around for all the children to find!  It is also tradition that children build nests on the Saturday so the Easter Bunny can put eggs into them and sometimes the Easter Bunny is even left some carrots to nibble on!
  • If a boy is born around the Easter period, he may be named Pascal which means “belonging to Easter”
  • In French, “Lent” is “Le Carême”
  • The week before Easter Sunday is called La Semaine Sainte which basically means Holy Week.
  • Palm Sunday is called Le Dimanche Des Rameaux (rameaux means branches) because when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, he was greeted by palm branches being laid in his path.  Today the French carry decorated branches to church in celebration.

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