Holiday Destinations for 2012

Are you trying to decide where to holiday this year?  Can’t decide between a beach holiday, an activity holiday or a cultural holiday?  Well why not try out the south of France?!

Canoeing / Kayaking Provence, south of France

Canoeing / Kayaking Provence, south of France

I have been researching the areas of Languedoc, Provence and Cote d’Azur recently for our new website pages (see below) and it is amazing how many activities and different types of holiday in which you may partake if you’re in the south of France.

Rich in architecture, culture and history, the south of France can interest anyone from keen historians to excitable children.  A multitude of sporting activities from kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving to horse-riding, tennis, and motor sports can be pursued.  Relaxation on the beach, wine-tasting, partying in the eclectic towns are just a few other activities which make the south of France an ideal holiday destination.  Moreover, it’s only and hour and a half on the plane instead of eight!

For more information on activities in the south of France, check out our new website pages:

To book accommodation for this year, visit


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